Press coverage

“Documentarian: Take down paywalls, open access to scholarship” in Cornell Chronicle (2018, December):

“Documentary Criticizes Closed-Access Academic Journals as Too Expensive, Restrictive” in The Cornell Daily Sun (2018, December):

“The Danger of For-Profit Science” interview on The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur (2018, November):

“It’s Time For Science to Embrace Open Access” in Research Features, Issue 130 (2018, November):

“A Pirate Bay of Knowledge?”  Team Human podcast conducted by Douglas Rushkoff (2018, October):

“From Paywall to Datawall” The Scholarly Kitchen (2018, October):

“Paywall: The Business of Scholarship Review—Analysis of a Scandal” in NewScientist (2018, October):

“Science’s Quality-Control Process Gets A Makeover” in Undark (2018, October):

“Documentary Makes Powerful Plea for Open Access Publishing” in BioEdge (2018, October):

“The Business of Academic Publishing: A Catastrophe” in The Lancet (2018, October):

“Open Access at the Movies” in Inside Higher Ed (2018, September):

“Open access — the movie” in Nature (2018, September):

“Documentary puts lens on the open-access movement upending scientific publishing” in Science (2018, September):

“Paywall the Movie—Opening Access to Global Research” in Research Features, Issue 116 (2018, September):

“Documentary “Paywall: The Business of Scholarship” Premieres in Washington, DC” in Association of Research Libraries (ARL) (2018, September):

“Fighting for open access: Why academic publishers are making a killing” in Big Think (2018, September):

“Paywall: The Business of Scholarship Documentary in English and Russian,”  Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (2018, September):

“Documentary  Paywall: The Business of Scholarship Premieres in Washington, DC” Association of Research Libraries (2018, September):

“New Film Stresses Need for Open Access Publishing” Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) (2018, September):

WUNC North Carolina Public Radio interview on the need for open access to research entitled, “Academic Knowledge for All,” (2018, March):

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